Twice she's heard the doctor announce
The "Big C" word--it's hard to pronounce.
The Egypt she escaped when she heard the word,
In DeNile she stayed, the phrase unheard.

Finally, there was no doubt the route to pursue,
Chemotherapy and she'd have another rendezvous.
The "Big C" war was once fought and won,
The second battle will be a comparison.

The weapons used in this battle with "Big C"
Are formulated into a working, victorious recipe.
The ingredients must be combined
By His human resources and her all aligned.

John 14:14 is her claim to remission,
Other ingredients are used for the acquisition.
A blend of humor, faith, prayer and chemotherapy,
Will produce another remission of the "Big C!"

But, what happens...Knowledge fails the MD?
Chemotherapy falls short? Remission isn't to be?
Love holds the future--the questions to answer.
The "Big C" now is pronounced as cancer.