In the beginning the sky was a clear azure blue
The grass was a beautiful luscious green
The children played outside in safety, while the women made coffee and tea.
And in the summertime doors were left open for all to see.
Everyone tried to help each other when their neighbors desperately
Needed help, and life was tranquil and slower when people cared for one another.
The sunset was a beautiful bright red,
The moon rose over a beautiful clear night.
It wasn't necessary to hide behind locked doors and bars from sight
It wasn't paradise you see, but it was the way Love's plan was meant to be.
Then it began--the shooting, the lying, children all over the world were crying.
A monetary crisis hit the USA land and the wind turned the land to sand.
The sick and the old were pushed away by those with the might,
While all the politicians talked about was who was right
Then the darkness started to prowl all over the world
The darkness prevailed over the land, yet
There was a light just around the bend, the people began to pray
But it was much too late for you see my friend--this was the end.