With a dull heavy thread, like a storm cloud overhead.
Moves the march trough the wide plain so green.
A field for strike where men will fight, to protect what's rightfully
The ground which was green, now is a bloody scene, with death looming
Though the battle is long and the fight rages on, he stands bravely and
Fights for his cause.
He stands tall and fights, for his own heart's delight.
To vanquish his enemy's breed.
Yet if the battle is true it's inside of you, the true battle lies in
Your heart and mind.
So they must fight every day with true grit and might to withhold the
Pressure so grand.
Choose your side between your heart and mind because the battle rages
Each day.
All skillful in war, as he knows you are.
Choose a weapon or choose none at all.
Choose logic or heart.
You must choose now for the battle has begun.
As night is in fight and the sun's in site he must leave.
As the cold dawn of death draws near.