'Twas a beautiful warm and sunny day,
When their trio set out to cross the bay,
To the Tallchester Amusement Park
To spend the day and be home ere dark.

Fun was had, and a picnic ate,
The return ferry: extremely late.
The Moonlight Cruise went out of its way
To take on the strays and recross the bay.

Midway the ship was struck by a squall,
And listed to port-side, where the men all
Cowered to escape the wind and rain,
Where the armed captain freed them again.

The ferry was driven and swept down the bay,
For the storm was fierce and had its way
With the boat, which plunged through angry seas,
While the passengers prayed: some on their knees.

Early next morning and barely afloat,
The ferry was berthed: that fortunate boat.
The passengers heaved a sigh of relief--
Nary a one of them came to grief.