He's fallen in love with the angel of the night,
A delicate, lovely young woman with so much delight
That she forces her way into her eyes
So real that he tears silent cries.

So is as precious as South Seas pearl,
And he loves every inch of that rosy-scented girl.
Her frozen cataract of lustrous onyx
Steal his attention to her neverending tricks.

A magician is she,
Winning a broken heart with mere illusion.
Visions of love are not easily cleared
Nor swept away with anything but fear's buccaneer.

Tonight he hopes you will kiss his cheek
In that tender he tried in futility to seek.
Why do you haunt her still?
Does your vacancy in his heart give you a thrill?

Maybe someday you will finally knock on his door,
And once again he'll feel his adrenaline soar
And soar like a majestic eagle,
For winning your graces would make him a joyous regal.