You will be an American Knight.
Pick a hero his son, a hero to be your American Knight.
A hero can be Anyman, from anywhere.
They all have heroes starting from day one.
His first hero was an Indian named Shooting Star. He could read the
Weather, ride a horse and track through the woods.
His second hero was a mule skinner named Pecos Bill--he could
Break a bronco, but chose to skin a mule.
His last hero was Caesar, a great soldier and builder of an empire.
After he chose his heroes he fell in love with a fair Maiden, who
Gave him a second childhood and a chance to be a man.

After she broke his heart he became his heroes all at once.
He was a rock star called Lizard King and he ate all the herbs in
The forest and the chemicals from the laboratory.
When they knew he was getting too old and harsh, they put him in a
Hospital with all the people who had had their hearts broken--just like his.

When he was there he thought he was going to die.
But they let him go.
And every child knew that when you have your heart broken--you
Are given a knight's vision--a vision of the American Dream.