There is so much PAIN that's between THEM brother, sisters
Tell her brother, why brother must you hurt one another?
Now you too sisters, are doing the same to each other too
Let's love with honesty and fairness then they will know
What truth and JUSTICE can be, for brothers and sisters
Let's STOP criticism, hostility, fear, ridicule, jealousy, envy
Feeling sorry for yourself, fighting, it's not right? right
They can have TOLERANCE, encouragement, patience, confidence, praises
Approval, acceptance, then they will love their self, to love others
So they may have the eternal peace that each one deserves fully
The WORLD is theirs, but first you must have a GOOD peace of mind
Sisters and Brothers must, you mut remember this. This Man
LOVE would NOT apply, pressure if he thought you couldn't
Handle it, and ALL that came within YOU Brothers, Sisters
You know life is a circle, so they need to make the best of it
The first time is, learning experience, from trial and error
The second time you mess up, is a time for changes with self
The THIRD time he will, move on to some ONE who wants to be