It is a special time of the year--set apart from all of the
Rest, when family and/or friends--gather together, with warmer
Hearts for sharing, caring, thanks and giving. As they sit at a
Table that is delightfully prepared--with a turkey or ham and
All of the fixens, maybe some homemade fudge, pumpkin pie, and
Ice cream on the side: she would hope--an exceptional prayer of thanks
Is said, as they all take a moment--to reminisce over the
Many blessings they have had throughout the year. Then setting in
To a feast you have been waiting for all day, that was fit for
A king you might say, which will leave you feeling stuffed all
The way.
But if you will--remember this: That Love has truly blessed
America in numerous ways, and a really intimate prayer of gratitude
Is called for on this day! For those whom the Lord has
Lend--to give of themselves--the gift of time. Maybe to feed
The homeless, or to care for the sick or elderly, or just visiting
Someone--that may feel left behind. It will surely help to take away
Some of the loneliness and fears--that seem to come about
More so--this time of the year. It just might be--that someone
Is putting a little love into their hearts, which will
Leave them with a smile before the end of that day, as the Lord
Has done for her throughout so many of the holidays.
May Love bless all those concerned--even more so on that
Particular day, as they pray for that added joy to be sent on its
Way--through all those who will have good deeds to fulfill.
Praise the Lord, and thank Him too, for that never ending
Love--He will always send to you. Happy Thanksgiving--from
The Love to you....