The epic hero Odysseus, departs from Calypso's isle.
He is the son of Laertes, whom he hasn't seen for a while.

He lived in the town of Ithaca, before the Trojan War.
He fought for Greece his homeland, sailing shore to shore.

Trying to find his way back home, he sailed across the sea.
Many dangers ahead, for the crew, the ship, and he.

He landed upon Circe's cave, where he started to build a life.
But nothing she gave, made him happy, because he missed his wife.

Setting sail a second time, they drifted 'til day ten.
Where suddenly they came upon, groups of lotus-eating men.

Next time came to Cyclops' cave, where they became trapped inside.
Driving a pole in Cyclops' eye, he was blinded but had not died.

Arriving in the Land of the Dead, he received a lot of advice.
After talking to Tiresias, he made a sacrifice.

Singing Sirens were next on the trip, and Odysseus was tied to the mast.
His crew put bees wax in their ears, avoiding spells that she might cast.

The journey isn't over, for Odysseus and his crew.
But if he's made it this far, he can surely make it through.