When she thinks of you she only has, tarnished memories.
Like illusions of an artist, who tries to capture a breeze.
Golden sunshine, with you becomes just rain.
You tarnish all their happiness, and leave her only pain.
The mirror that reflects the times, she spent with you.
Don't show much happiness, but times bitter and blue.
You gave her a ring, brilliant and so bright.
But tarnished the meaning of it, cheating every night.
Yes, she's got tarnished memories, that you gave to her.
Sad to realize that faithful you can't ever be.
She needs a medal for the times she's polished up your name.
But even that would tarnish soon, from your cheating game.
Yes, tarnished memories are all you've given her.
Seeking for happiness from sea to shining sea.
Golden moments escape her, tarnished by your evil way.
Need to rid her life of you, to brighten up her day.
Take away these tarnished memories she has of you.
Erase yesterdays pains, create a crystal sky of blue.
Take away the tarnished memories, and her everlasting grief.
Polish up the yesterdays tarnished memories, and give her heart relief.