And so again another story begins
The marble statue constructed with soft embrace,
Withers away with time tarnished and cracking.
Trust him with your shadow in the garden disgrace,
Amongst the dry spirits of the changing seasons.
The fresh breeze of content has left with a trace.

Love, The System, the season they continue,
So will you disappear a faded memory?
Soon scratched out of existence by time's reaper,
Or will he remember your soul? Gracefully,
Violating the laws of sane gravity.
And the searing pain of the question falls quickly,
Into a whisper of a sinister voice.
Crying about being alone, Sanctuary.

So again another story has ended,
Shine till your chain yourself, beliefs you refused to see.
And she has been all but freed into the clear
So now just let the moonset gray wash over him
How innocently somebody else is Love.
And so sadly, far too many angels are free.