Symphony of the night
Truly a beautiful harmonic sight
Requiring only a believer's imagination to hear.
Perhaps to the lonely, rather and
But to lovers, music ever so glad
Softly played in the celestial atmosphere.

Here and there a shooting star
A high note gone afar
As a soprano angel sings.
Now and then a falling star
Like a broken string on a bass guitar
As those heavenly chimes begin to ring.

With stars pulsating on and off
In concert with moonbeams aloft
To the rhythmic baton of the Heavenly King.
Then slowly the starlight fades
Following the final cannonade
Disappearing as the angels sing.

Then once again a seeming quietude
As if in a state of solitude
With the fading of this prerequisite to the dawn.
The symphony of the night having their gratitude
Prayerfully only an interlude
Until Love once again picks up His Satan.