Are you out there watching over her.
Are you out there, do you like what you see.
She is a survivor of a lovely heart, in a world of
Empty dreams, missing you and your loving touch.
As she gazes into the dark sky filled with brilliant
Stars of hope, she feels your presence like a guardian
Angel and wonders, do you miss her too.
So far away you are like a distant star. Memories cross
Her mind, sadness fills her heart, or her eyes swell
With tears, silently she prays. Give her the strength to
Survive just one more day.
She doesn't know her destiny on earth, fear is her enemy,
As she journeys through life without you. Guide her into
A jubilant future with bright tomorrows.
When the final curtain comes down over her body and
Her spirit escapes into eternal glory. You are there
Waiting, miracles of life are survivors. Mission Accomplished!