She stood and gazed out at the sea-shimmering like a cloth of silk
The day was hot--but the air so still--the sand was cool beneath her feet.
Her thoughts soared as they wandered at will--calm, peaceful and serene.
Then clouds billowing like smoke appeared--turning daylight into night.
Lightening flashed, the thunder rumbled like kettle drums--shaking the
Earth from its slumber.
Then out of the depths of the sea--waves rise and swelled to lofty heights,
Seagulls screeched as they took their flight.
A little boat from its mooring was tossed--
Like a twig in a whirlpool--then it was lost.
The storm raged on and as it rained--it washed the earth fresh, clean
And bright.
The sun broke through the clouds with a ray of light--chasing the
Darkness out of sight.