He cut along the dotted lines:
On the edge of sanity and despair; teetering back and forth.
He's tired of trying to wake up each day knowing that life has a new obstacle for him.
Why fight; why try; why hope; why dream; why do they struggle.
What is there to look forward to over that graveyard horizon.
What will change tomorrow in this sea that he's drowning in.
Let the sea dissolve away his past and let it take him with it.
He tries to keep himself away from him.
In the darkness he whispers his final thoughts into the oblivion.
There are only memories to live for.
His dreams are unreachable.
His friends he shall depart, but not miss.
Parting is all they know of heaven, and all they need to know of hell.
Here lies the wreck that was him.
Save him from himself, he's blinded by the chaos.
Death is like a crown they wear around, like a smile on their face.
He once believed in hope.
Now he believes that not all has been said and done.
Why go on.
The end of the innocence.