Maybe you didn't see her cry. Just maybe you don't realize she does
Cry. She's just afraid to shed these deep tears in front of you...All her
Life you couldn't understand anything she's tried to do.

She's a little stronger than you think. She's also a little brighter
Than you know. She guesses you wonder how she knows these things? Other
People who care have already told her so.

Don't worry, she's learned how to cover up hidden scars. She does
Know one day in life she will have to deal with them all. Until then she'll
Just live in her little secret world, where all of friends and family are
Full of pure love.

To some she is a child--to others she's just a nobody. Sometimes it
Doesn't matter why you think she might be. Just to drop a small little
Clue--she's HER. Not just anybody--she's HER---SHE'S SOMEBODY!

"Love covers a multitude of sins!"