Alone waiting in the open abysmal held intact secretly contained
Within the object miracle--movement face and inherently fragile--
Vulnerable to wicked complications will drag the new luxury
Under an empty sea of thick activity--draining away the silver
Injection bubbling with a swirling mix of amber magic--locked
Inside the asylum living frustration evoking the appetite for
Fire--reestablish tender memories stirring inverted in the apex
Naked thoughts enveloped in the aquatic web of anatomical fluid--
Dancing in between intoxicating tastes of destruction--the
Escape into boundless ghost images hidden in the clouds dark
With uncounted sparkling charms--possessed by the deliverance
Held captive controlled night's strength lunging inside
Consuming fertile seduction for one final engulfing silence--
Affronted, turning to the messengers of fate entwined lights
Orchestrate the heavens falling down in rotating within the
Pit of ecstasy giving breath to the resurrected--care pulls
Back the curtain of sleep washed in abound grace--sunrise halos
Meaning and love grows again in what was barren--children try to
Pretend not to cry the tears of what might have been--it is
Impossible to hold back what is real--so sweet it remains to be.