He walked abroad one quiet day among the fragrant hills,
And paused to catch the essence of the waving daffodils
That scented all of the breezes and kissed the verdant land.
And then spring danced down over the hill and took her by the
She danced him down the ivy paths, and everywhere they'd tread
All living things awoke to life when, "I am Spring," she said.
Then all about them flowers woke and soft began to bloom
And every trace of winter left, and every trace of gloom.
Buds came out upon the trees, the birds began to sing,
And his heart thrilled to realize he held the hand of spring.
Her laughter was the rippling brook, the breezes were her sighs,
The green leaves were the cloak she wore, the blue of heaven her
And where she breathed bright blossoms came, and where she
Touched the earth--
Green, moist and soft--sweet Nature, to all Love's forms
Gave birth.