Her moccasins have treated that endless trail
Where visions of the future will soon prevail
Her spirit is captured by the tranquility of the lake
For all the thoughts are there to take
The warmth of the sun as it shines on her face
The wind blowing softly with its gentle embrace
The rain that falls and purifies Mother Earth
Giving her a drink to quench her thirst
Her prayers are said here from the depths of her heart
Where respect and honor are set apart
A message soaring the sky in the form of a hawk
Has awaken her spirit to a wandering walk
Returning to her sight were shadows of ancestors of long ago
Revealing to her the answers that she must know
They walked with her down that wandering road
Uncovering the knowledge she needed from the stories they told
Her heart she feels it beat so loud and strong
As she listens to nature's most beautiful song
The burdens have fallen off her back as the moonbeams light her face
To those ancestors who guided her without leaving a trace