He can not imagine life without you just your daily presence gets him thru
For each day the Lord gives his sweetheart it's your love that sets him free

To live each day with faith and hope to face life's problems with courage to cope
There are so many chores left undone you work from morn till the setting sun

So many dreams still incomplete so many challenges to fight and defeat
They keep on going with faith on their side and thank the Lord each day they are alone

It is these dreams and goals that they both store that make life worth living and oh so fair
Just how lucky can two people be to have faith and love like you and him

Through life's ups and downs in years gone by they have always managed you and he
Thru thick and thin sickness and health knowing that happiness is real true wealth

For it is not precious gifts and earthly treasures that convey true love and all life's pleasures
It is an unconditional love that is theirs honey to keep this special bond between them that is
Truly marrow deep