He's their man of steel. Their man of hope.
He stole their hearts forever, with his blue eyes aglow!
Whenever, he flashes that Christopher Reeve smile;
He can even melt the snow!
Superman is always there when they need him,
Whether he's near or far away.
He comes and chases their fears. And, leaves a hope to stay.
His only wish is to keep them safe, for that's what Superman's about.
Her only wish for Superman, is to one day soon;
To be able to stand up and shout!
She knows someday he will fly again. She can see him in the stars!
He will always be shining bright, this courage cannot be marred.
Her hope for Superman is love. And, she wants Christopher to know.
You will always be a hero. Wherever you choose to go.
Your heart may be heavy at times, as you travel from day to day.
But, remember, you are being thought about,
In oh, so many ways!
Christopher, this poem is for you. And; she thinks you should know.
You will always have a lot of love.
Love that will fill your soul.