Someday, she will be over you
But now, is not that time.
She hears a voice and feels a sweetness,
And she ever faithfully turns to see if it's you.
She closes her eyes and senses your presence is near,
Only to open them and find her imagination playing tricks on her.
She looks and sees you walking arm in arm with someone other than her,
And like a bad habit, she still wishes she could be her.
She knows you brought her much sorrow and such unhappiness,
But she longs fiercely to be by your side.
She remembers the first time you told her you'd never hurt her,
How she cried thousands of tears when you promise was broken.
Sleeping without you now is a cruel fate,
And those nights you lay next to her, she felt more alone than ever.
She loved you with her heart, soul, and body.
And she knows now, you couldn't love her the same way.
Someday, she will be over you,
And she prays every night that time will come soon.