Someday, he knows, seems so far away
It could be an eternity or only a day.

Someday, the fires of love for them again will burn
Until someday, that wonderful day, for you he'll yearn,

Someday, the dark clouds will fade and dim
Until someday, he'll wait on the world's rim,

Someday, the hurt and scars will cease
For them someday, only love and peace,

Someday, it seems so long, so uncertain
But someday, they will forget the pain and hurting

Someday, only Love knows when this will be
But someday, his love, He will smile on thee

Someday, he'll have control of his life
And someday, he'll make you his wife,

Someday, if in your heart for him you still have love
Happiness will come to them, as silently as the wings of a

Someday, His Love.