So much deploring has developed unto them, Unto their world.
Query endlessly, what is this need of loathing children of the Earth have?
Shading beautifully have hadst spent forever and more creating perfection,
What has happened to everlasting union? Never has it been,
Why? even is this questioned,
No matter what the tone of your skin, open up this life and discover the same in all,
None have the right nor the reason to pre-judge on those of shading different,
Purpose what does all hatred serve? Colors all in beauty united;
Colors few and far apart divided and eye displeasing,
Nor shall they blame take of what they had no say in,
Nothing then did they do, they were yet to be pleased upon the Earth,
Nor shall they blame put on who was not part of past views of loathing,
When they had yet to be borne unto the Earth,
Hearts ache, souls cry and spirits die in ravenous flame as any whose heart is
Dead to beauty and mind full of ignorance, lays word too harsh on another of opposite
Skin tone,
Naught can be said more of those who allow not themselves to love fully,
See, yea, the beauty of all whether they be shading, similar or shadings opposite,
Kind of heart, love of mind, of the one race, The human race.