You soar higher than the eagle.
You climb, you turn, you glide,
And for that fleeting moment,
You share the eagle's pride.

You can see the fields below,
Of yellows, browns and greens,
And the wide and roaring rivers
Are but narrow, placid streams.

By the lakes, the craggy mountains,
So majestic, out of reach,
Appears as nothing more than hills,
Along a grassy beach.

From heights unimaginable,
You can see a distant shore,
And the vast, mysterious oceans
Aren't a mystery anymore.

Through the vortex of the clouds,
You break out into the blue.
You see the shadow of your plane.
Is that shadow really you?

You see the sun in all its glory,
First bright break of day.
You see the sunset, orange and purple,
The moon, the Milky Way.

LOVE created this great universe,
The earth, the seas, the skies.
And in the solitude of space,
You can see through his eyes.