D is for dainty. You are a wonderful lady and they love the
Sparkle in your eyes and face,
O is for others. You always put others first and see that
Your love and friendship touches everyone.
R is for ready. You are always ready and willing to do
All that you can for the pleasure and comfort of others.
O is for Order. You live the principles of the Order every
Day of your life, always being an example of Love,
Faith and Friendship.
T is for tender. Your tender manner of speaking and your
Tender loving touch has touched all who have been in contact with
H is for heart. You have a heart full of love and friendship
For everyone you meet if they will only reach out and
Receive it.
Y is for you. This is their wish for you.
They wish for you happiness
They wish for you every blessing
They wish for you special joy, that's really worth possessing
Joy of friendship, good health and peace of mind
They wish for you the comfort of Love's grace and the protection
Of His love
Every day and in every place.