Bare feet on a cold linoleum floor,
The sound and feel of her elbows cracking
And the soft moans of the summer crickets.

Soft, fresh bed sheets,
Fully bloomed sunflowers, daisies and dandelions,
And moss cuddling around a tall tree.

Memories of snuggling with her mom while she was sick,
Friends who listen but don't judge,
And men who don't try to solve your every problem.

Books that help end the day on a good note,
Music that calms
And hobbies that don't frustrate her to death.

The smell of fresh cut grass,
A soft rain on a hot spring afternoon,
And the attentiveness of her cat when she's upset.

Praises from her father,
Flowers from her boyfriend,
And love for herself.

Baby Powder sprinkled on her unmade bed,
The room when it's clean and when it's messy.
And her new car!!

All things she loves and could never do without.
Plus her sister, she guesses....