A silent tear falls
From her eye. A silent tear is all
She can cry. Her silent whispers
Linger in the air. Her silent pleas
You refuse to hear. There are lines
On her face where a smile has died.
There are scars on her eyes from
The silent tears she has cried.
She cries out loud but nobody hears,
Nobody cares, nobody sees her silent
Tears. She tried to make you see
How much you mean to her. But her
Silent tears get in the way, so she's
Longing for yesterday. You're always in
Her dreams. She loves you more than it
Seems. When all is lost, the moment dead,
The empty ringing in your head. When
Love is lost, but what is one? You will
See it was meant for them. When
You come back, her silent tears will fade
Away. Because forever begins that day.