Forest undergrowth, mist shrouded dew covered,
Waiting for the first glow of dawn in the East,
The first reflection off water covered greenery.
Small animals, wide eyed and innocent,
Watch the coming of another new day
With the giddiness and trust of youth.
Symphonic sounds of singing birds slowly commence.
Transformation: from dark and gray
To a sunny summer dull;
From the muffled silence of creeping fog,
To a glade alive with sound and color.
Leaf filtered sunlight, a single ray,
Falling in the center of the wood bound clearing,
As if shining upon an altar in praise;
A feeling of awe, of some holy occurrence,
A magical rebirth, heaven sent, a sacrament.
Ever moving stillness, anachronistic in its truth.
He is man, the invader of wilderness sanctity,
And he, unmoving, watches the tent of day unfold,
Then silently steal away.