Silence--was that of the moment--
From which peace--it did impart.
A celestial truth bringing joy--
From nothing, with which to start.

Silence is of "Golden" quality--
It borrows not of the past.
It's a quality that they appreciate--
After exhaustion's fiery blast.

Silence may bring "Peace of Mind"--
Neutralizing the days over-zealous beat.
They may need to walk to the beat of a different drum--
That of "Silence"--he still repeats.

The gathering of one's thoughts--
The murmuring of the soul.
They may all be brought together as one--
As "Silence" works to make you whole.

In Silence--think thoughts that Love's given--
Think the thoughts--those of "Brotherly Love."
You'll then see why silence is given--
"On the Peaceful Wings of a Dove."