She thought about writing a book,
No matter, to her, how long it took
Would she write seriously, only the facts,
Or something outrageous, totally off track
Would she write about war, famine, death on foreign soil,
Fighting in Iran--not for people, but oil.
Or welfare reform--what a great idea.
Or the poor who'll be affected and their intense fear.
Should she write about Republicans or Democrats,
Or would the text be more interesting on the life span of
Should she write about Love, or Jews,
Or how well Billie Holliday sang the blues.
Should she write about being gay or straight,
About anorexia or being overweight.
The decision is just too complicated.
And she's not sure as an author she'd be appreciated.
So far now she'll keep thinking about writing a book,
Maybe one on being a healthy cook.
She simply doesn't know what she might write.
She's just sure it won't be tonight.