Life is a short journey--didn't you know,
When LOVE created man many years ago.
Those who have come and gone since then,
Oh how the world is now corrupted with sin!

Life is a short journey--on a two way street,
You never, never know just who you might meet.
Will it be your enemy on that street to HELL,
Or a loved one, to HEAVEN that you know so well?

Life is a short journey--some people know about,
They're only here for a while and there is one way out.
When LOVE calls their number, just be PREPARED,
She'd rather be the GOOD seed among the scattered tares.

Life is a short journey--that none of them will miss,
The possessions they own will no longer exist.
NOTHING will matter in a world soon to end,
Only LOVE is the message that she sends.

Life is a short journey--that is well on the way,
So don't put off tomorrow what you can do today.
You'd better treat each day as if it is your last,
The part may be behind them but your future will be fast.