Looking back at all the years, she spent full of fears.
Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide, just her and problems
Side by side.
Walking hand in hand, no one seemed to understand
Why, oh why so much pain? Could anyone explain?
Death had compassed her about, she saw no way out.
To take her life was the only way,
But she met a man that every day.
He said if she only believed, all her misery would be relieved.
Eternity could be hers
A perishable life would be left behind; and along
With that: love, power, and a sound mind.
She didn't want to hear but yet she heard,
It sounded alright so she took his word.
She believed in her heart, and it came true
Old things were passed away, and she became new.

No longer bound by the things of the past
Thank Love Almighty, She's Free At Last!!!