On one long day not far after May,
She felt the despair; no one can compare.
The day had arrived to say goodbye.
You see there was no pain without any gain.
She then got a call saying, it wouldn't be long
And as the time grew near she wanted to be there.
As she arrived she hadn't the time, but that was the
Time she dreaded their last goodbye.
As she walked in her room moments after they had
Gone, she thought there would be no gloom, there wasn't the room.
She saw no pain, she saw her gain. She knew he had come,
She wasn't to blame. She cried and wept all over
Her chest and couldn't let go of their last warm touch!
As she walked away, she felt that she couldn't let go.
That's when she heard her say, "Please don't cry,
I feel no pain, there will always be gain and I
Will never be far. As you feel so lonely,
Remember what you saw; I feel no pain and now
There is gain."