Like the tree planted firmly by the riverside
A bed full of twigs, stones, and rocks
An area filled with earth shattering quakes
And troubled waters that are forever flowing by
Storms never pass over this tree
They are forever coming with such force
Trying to knock down this tree which is forever holding on.

"Come down you tree!" yells the Thunder.
"Come down and just let go!"

Now this tree is determined to hold on;
More calamities and pain hits left and right
Trying to tear away the roots from solid ground below
Eating and gnawing at strong bark and branches.

"Let go! Let go!" yells the Thunder.
"Let go I say right now!"

No--the tree continues to hold on
Until the earth is full of peace
Then says the tree with
Faith, Strength, and Serenity

"My Lord was there all the time."