She sees her mom with her hair as white as snow.
She sees her dad with his smiling face all aglow.
She sees her son as he continually jumps and springs.
She sees her daughter as she happily dances and sings.
She sees her husband and bells begin to ring.
She sees her neighbor stepping about with his delightful spring.
She sees her old dog's watchful eyes as he sits to beg.
She sees her students hopping on their sturdy legs.
She sees her sister and her handsome groom.
She sees their wedding flowers all abloom.
She sees her teenagers in today's funny clothes.
She sees all the girls in their colorful hair bows
She sees the rowdy boys in blue jeans, looking fine.
She sees a big parade with everyone in a straight line.
She sees her friends with much love and lots of huggin'.
She sees the savory turkey in her oven.
She sees her Love for on the cross He did not stay.
She sees the love of Love--He's alive today...
She sees the good earth--for all her twirls and sorrow.
She sees so very much more--all of their hope for tomorrow.