Where have you gone, her loving friend,
Was it to a new beginning, or to an end?

The days they shared were swift and fleeting...
Tears have passed since their final meeting.

Your caress was forever kind and true,
And she always knew she could depend on you.

Always it is your voice she longs to hear,
Yet it is now forever absent from her ear.

Encouragement resounded in your tones,
Now you're absent and she's all alone.

Will she ever again gaze upon your loving face,
And will she meet you in a finer place?

Memories so fleeting yet crystal clear,
Are carried within her heart and are ever near.

Though you are absent, never to return,
Your memory in her heart will eternally burn.

Her love to you on the winds she sends...
She knows you have found peace...she misses you, friend.