Where is her mommy
Where has she gone
Why did she leave her
Will she be gone long
Why did the Lord take her
Why didn't her daddy see that she was ill
How could she just simply take those pills
Did it ease the pain or did she die in vain
Grandma tell her why
The pain in her heart why hasn't it filled
Oh her dear child your mommy was ill
Your mommy is a person who can't be replaced
Not by person nor even a place
She needs her mommy every day
Why did she leave her
Why did she go away
Does she know she misses her so
She loves you her mommy and that is why
She felt that she could die
She knew that her love would never end
Although she may never understand
She's glad she had her mommy to lend
A hand now and then
Just to talk and be a friend
She loves her mommy and that is why