Wearing a dingy bonnet on her head and carrying a heavy sack
Slung low across her back.

She toiled persistently in the fields from dawn to dusk,
Her body numb with pain.

There were often times when she felt that she just could not go on
Another day beneath that broiling southern sun;
It was at those times that she could wipe the sweat from her brow,
And adjust that heavy load she had to bear;
She would cry out to her Love above to bestow her mercy upon her;
To somehow ease the burden that was becoming more difficult with each passing day.

Suddenly, a Summer breeze would blow, cooling her tired, aching body
But a little while;

And although she realized that she had many more rows to plow,
She would pause for just a moment, lift her weary eyes towards Heaven,
And Smile, because she knew that Love had heard her cries, and had sent
A thousand butterflies.