She is surrounded by people but she is alone
No one understands her or what goes on inside her mind
She has many friends and much family
But the real her she can not let them find

What if they were to laugh and turn away
So she hides behind the image that is a stranger to her
To them she is the constant quiet one
But she is much more than a simple person they see

She is energetic exotic, wild & free, seductive & sexy
She is all these things and so much more
Won't you let her be that person
She doesn't want to hide anymore behind the shelter of this door

Let her out she says, let her out or she shall die
Not a physical death, buried under stone
But a death where all her dreams are put to rest
Where she is alive but her soul is alone.

Don't let this happen to you
Be whomever you want to be
Some may turn their backs and walk away
But at least you will be alive and free.