You're such a small and tender little guy
The second son to her best friend
She watched her as she gently held you in her arms
Your eyes so wide and a grin upon your face
She wore a smile and had a sparkle in her eyes
How she hopes to fill your life with joy and a compassion missing from the world
She hopes for you a future of prosperity and a will to challenge what you may
To fight the wrong and make it right, to stand and beat the odds
To reach far beyond the limits that have been set by man
As you live and grow, she hopes your world has a peace that her
Lifetime has not known
She hopes you grow to be a caring and giving, kind and gentle human being
To carry the name your father has given you with pride
To respect it always and think before you act
That wealth isn't always measured in the dollars of today
But in the truth--love--loyalty and trust that starts inside a heart