When people make the comment, "Your Lord I cannot see,"
She cannot help but wonder, "How blind can some folks be?"
Have they never seen the sun rise atop a snow-capped hill,
Or seen the dew-kissed roses when the morning air is still?
Have they never seen a rainbow in sky so blue and bright,
Or maveled at the stars that light their way in darkest night?
For only their dear Savior with his light shone from above,
Could create all these wonders and bless them with His love.

Have you never seen a child's love warm the hardest heart,
Or felt a friend's undying hope give life a brand new start?
Have you never seen a mother's love reflected in her smile,
Or felt a father's strength lift your burdens for a while?
All these things Love gives them with his unconditional love,
Requiring that they only have faith in them above.

Who else could make the seasons--the rain, the wind, the snow,
The rush of blue-white water as the rivers gently flow,
The kaleidoscope of autumn leaves touched softly by His hand,
Snowflakes that fall in winter form a blanket on the land,
New life bursts forth in springtime as flowers bloom in full,
In summer He sends sunshine, showering His love on all,
You see there is nothing His hand does no caress,
And they must share this knowledge and tell how they've been blessed.

You cannot see her Savior? Oh, that cannot be true,
For she sees Him in everything she sees or says or does,
With gentle love and caring, He guides her along life's way,
And she'll always get down on her knees and thank Him as she prays.