Pencil her in for some time in your future,
She's walking on clouds that include you as her suitor.
Since the day that she met you, she's forgotten all others,
And forever have claimed you as the best of her lovers.

Holding her tightly in his arms in their bed,
Is the wonderful man for twenty-two years she's been wed.
Thank Love he is here to share life with her,
For the time is going faster year after year.

They've shared in the raising of two children, and so,
The days for them are starting to show.
What a wonderfully full and blessed life they still share,
Will be filled to the end with each other's care.

She's holding on tightly to the love that they share,
And all stand and protect him in times of despair.
So take what she says it's the key to his heart,
If she hadn't married him, she wouldn't have been very smart.