When the sun lights the sky
A shadow grows tall
You can't touch it, can't tell it
You can't catch it at all.

Then the moon lights the night
And her shadow stands high
She knows she can't catch it
Yet she tries, yes she tries

And then comes the time
When there's no light at all
And your shadow is gone
She had no chance at all

There is a fire in her heart
Burning deep, burning light
Burning longer and stronger
Than any known light

It brings back your shadow
Forever, in her mind
Wherever her thoughts go
Your shadow they'll find

Your memory is in her
To never forget
She thrills when she sees you
The pains she doesn't regret

You are that shadow
Most elusive of all
You are questions, not answers
And you leave with nightfall

Your eyes are mysterious
They smolder like coal
They burn deep in her heart
They are searching her soul.

She is a victim of passion and hate
She does not seek rescue, it's longtime too late

Her mind is your captive
You are haunting her dreams
You play games with her feelings
With your sorcery and schemes

Her pain is your pleasure
Her suffering your goal
The love that she gave you
Is taking its toll

Shadow of her mind
Temptation of her heart
She will never find peace
Yet hope never to part.