That's the way Mother would want it, Honey.
Pick out something you'd like to keep.
Make it something special that would
Remind you of Grandma.
Here's some nice depression glass.

Nearer her Love to Thee,
A dedicated mother
Loved by neighbors
Her sweet rolls her wedding cakes
Her husband of forty-eight years.
Always giving of herself.

Who'll give her twenty dollars for this fine piece?
Hey! She wannatwentydollarbilltwentydollar.
Who'll give her twenty now twenty-five.
She'll make you a deal on this couch, fellas.
The young pal sittin' on it comes with it.

Love saves! Love saves!
Did you pay the man who dug the grave?
The flowers were pretty.
Have they all been paid for?
She wishes she'd bought her old sewing machine
Last year when they had the sale.