She hid her love when young till she couldn't bear to look at
Light. She dares not gaze upon his face, but, left his memory
Each place..., where she left a wildflower lie, she kissed, and
Bade her love good-bye.

She met his lady in the greenest dells where
Dewdrops pearl the wind bluebell, the lost breeze kissed,
And his bright, blue-eye! The bee kissed, and went singing
By a sunbeam....

Found a package there, A gold chain around his neck so fair,
As secret as the wild bee's song he lay there all summer
Long. She hid her love in field and town till even a breeze
Would knock her down; The bees seemed singing ballads o'er....
The fly's bass turned a lion's roar, and even silence found
A tongue to haunt her all summer long; the riddle nature
Could not prove was nothing else but!