There comes a time when everyone must say good-bye,
Even though they don't want to break the ties,
It could be a loved one or it could be a friend,
All that he knows is that it feels like the end,
It hurts him more than he can say,
When all he wants them to do is stay,
When the time comes to say good-bye,
Whether it's mother, father, brother, sister, boy friend, girl friend,
Husband or wife,
Nothing is more cherished than a loved one's life,
So if you're never had the chance,
To get that last glance,
Or a chance to talk,
Or even go for that one last walk,
Though this has happened to him before,
He just wanted to be with them that one last time,
He's often felt cheated,
Because he never got to say: "That one last good-bye"
So he's going to say it now from the times they've been cheated,
Good-bye, his friend, he will always remember you for the rest of his life,
Since memories go on forever and will never die.