She feels like a sand castle on the beach...
The builder makes her sturdy with each grain of sand added.
He takes patience and grace to make her powerful form.
He definely makes each detail awing so admirers stop and stare.

She is beautiful at the finishing touch.
She is proud, she is tall, she feels independent as the harsh breeze blows.
Evening rolls by and admirers are few. She starts to feel scared.

High tide rolls in, washing her away.
She's dying slowly into the sea. Help!
She cries; she's too young to die! Please don't hurt her pride.

Today she was beautiful and admired by all, but now
She's melting, melting into the sea.
She once was powerful--What happened to her?

Help her her cleaver builder, don't let her wash away.
Because if you build a new castle tomorrow,
She will not be the same as today.