As she passed by a countryside
Beneath a clear blue sky,
An unusual sight,
In a willow tree, way up high
He saw a robin weep true tears
As a lonely sparrow, of many years
Song in sorrow.

Those selfish greed, and earthly desires,
They'll make you weep.
And set the heart afire
Oh children, children of men
You must repent, and make amends
There is a record written in nature
Which holds matter forever.

As she listened to the robin weep
At the foot of the willow tree
There she saw and wept.
As she bowed her head in sorrow,
To the song of the sparrow.
She prayed for her desolate soul.

It was almost night, when
She lifted her eyes, to envision
The pretty sight, of robins and
Sparrows, young and old.
Rejoicing in the glories of
Happy soul.