Blues, Rhythm, step to the ground
Jazz and music swing right on down
Second lines and funerals grazing alone
While the beat of the drums sound merrily on

Visitors tour to a city for sight
In hope that the scenery will light up the night
Shrimp jambalaya, cornbread and ham
Mustard greens, chicken and sweet potato yams

Ferryboats sailing the waters so deep
Muddy Mississippi, so shallow, it weeps
Bayous so pretty one's eyes cannot stop
Longing to see what the mind have forgot

Mardi Gras costumes parade down the street
Carnival Indians show beauty that leap
Coconuts given by Zulus that mask
Visitors pushing each into the grass

Beads and trinkets, thrown into the crowds
Everyone gather to catch things so proud
Chatter and laughter so loudly the sound
New Orleans is such an exciting old town